EDI Implementation Guidelines

CNH Manufacturing Plants

In this folder you can find the different common EDI specificiations for delivery schedules, ASN, Invoice, Application Advice for ASN, Remitance Advice and functional Acknowledgment in ANSI X12 (4010) and EDIFACTS (D97A)

CNH Purchased Wholegoods

For NA suppliers that provide PWG to CNH Industrial.

CNH Service Parts

In this folder you can find the CNH Industrial Common EDI specifications for Purchase Order, PO Confirmation, PO Change request, ASN and Service Parts Invoice (SPS) in ANSI X 12 (4010) and EDIFACT (D97A)

CNH Transport Label Specifications

AIAG B-10 and Odette OTL 1.4.1 Label specifications.

CNH Transportation and Logistics Carriers

In this folder you can find the CNH Common EDI Specifications for Tender, Tender Response, Status Messages, and Remittance Advice in ANSI X12 (4010) and EDIFACT (D97A)

CNH Warehouse Providers and Consolidators

In this folder you can find EDI messages used by Warehouse providers and Consolidators.

Other Useful Information

Find some more usefull information regarding EDI transactions with CNH